AlignMeter LA-激光准直仪

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AlignMeter LA-激光准直仪




Laser type CW beams only
Photodetector PSD Si
Interface USB2.0
Usable beam size range <22.5mm
Position measurement range 22.5mmx22.5mm
Dimensions 155mmx80mm
Weight 1155 gram
Position resolution Betterr than +/-2um(with average on)
Position accuacy ?+/-50um over calibrated area
Angle measurement range ?+/-2 °
Angle resolution ?+/-1sec
Operational spectral range 350-1100nm
Power range 100uW-5mW (without filters)
Power accuracy ?+/-5%
Data update rate Up to 100Hz (save to file)
Environmental Operating temp 0° – 35℃
ND filters Optional, 1/8 attenuation, stackable


ALIGN-LA: A complete system including a measuring head with 3m long cable, a manifold box, USB2.0 cable,software on CD disk, carrying case.


ND9:?Optical filter M37X0.7, attenuation 1/8


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