Electronic Autocollimator HR-激光分析望远镜

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Electronic Autocollimator HR-激光分析望远镜


精密的USB3.0设备结合了自准直仪和对准望远镜的功能。自准直仪能够高精度测量镜面反射角。具有高分辨率测量能力,可低至0.01弧秒或0.05?rad,清晰孔径为62 mm。新推出的红外版本具有1060和1310nm波长,带USB3.0接口,提供独特的红外兼容自动准直仪。


FoV Autocollimator±19’ (H) x ± 12.5’ (V)
FoV Telescope & Beam Profiler±38’ (H) x ± 25’ (V)
Clear Aperture62 mm
Autocollimator’s Resolution0.01 sec
Autocollimator’s Accuracy1.0 sec
Light SourceLED- 650, optional: 1060, RGB. Special order: 1310 nm
Retro-reflector for alignment?64 mm, N.W 280 g Thread ?16 mm, <5”
Min. Focusing DistanceFocused at Infinity
Built in coarse aiming Laser Pointer638 nm power <1.0 mW Class 2 laser product, IEC60825-1
Spectral Response350 – 1310 nm (Telescope Mode)
Resolution (H x V pixels)1920 x 1200
Gain Controlx24
Dynamic Range60 dB , 12 bit
Exposure Speed39 ?sec to 20 sec
Frame Rate40 fps (8 bit)? 30 fps (12 bit)
Pixel Size5.86 ?m x 5.86 ?m
Pixel Bit Depth8/12 bits
Background SubtractionUser activated
Objective ApertureM72 x 0.75 mm
Trigger? Internal Software ? Hardware Falling or Rising Edge ? Trigger Delay 0.015ms – 4.0 sec
Pan & Tilt knobsTilt ±2°, Pan ±2.5°
Power Requirements~2 Watt (Via USB 3.0 interface)
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm443 x 92 x 160
Weight (typical)5 kg
Min. Hardware RequirementsCPU i3 1.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM Min. Resolution 1366 x 766
InterfaceUSB 3.0, Windows 7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit)
Operating Temperature?0°– 35° C


EAC-HR:?Complete system including a collimator unit with USB3.0 CCD camera, software on CD/Flash?and a retro-reflector for infinity adjustment.


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