M2 Beam高功率光束轮廓仪

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M2 Beam高功率光束轮廓仪

这是一个App驱动程序设备,可以通过USB端口连接到任何运行在Windows Vista/XP/2000/7(32位和64位)下的PC主机。

最新版本的Duma M?激光束传播分析仪提供了最大的灵活性和优越的测量能力,从紫外线到波长超过1.6微米的脉冲或连续波。




  • Beam sizes up to 25 mm
  • Wavelengths up to 2.7 microns
  • Determination of?M?, waist location and waist diameter.
  • Low & high power laser beams measurement.
  • Up to 4 kWatts.
  • In accordance with latest relevant ISO standards.


  • Beam Propagation (M?)
  • Beam Waist Location
  • Beam Waist Diameter
  • Divergence
  • Rayleigh Range
  • Waist Asymmetry
  • Astigmatism


Input Beam

Measuring Method Knife-edge -7 blades mounted on a rotating drum
Measuring Parameters Beam size,Power,3-D Reconstruction
Beam Propagation Parameters BPP over up to 50mm range ,M2 and depth of focus
Optional ND filters according to application

Scaning Assembly Attachment

Scaning Assembly Attachment
Spectral Range 350nm to 1100nm(Si version)
Beam Power Range 100W~8000W with supplied internal filter(Si version) Continuous Operating Duration-Limited to 10 seconds
Number of Knife-edges 7
Beam size and max.power density at entrance: Input diameter 8mm
max Power densitiy at input aperture 0.4kW/mm2
Minimal work distance for focused beams 100mm distance between input aperture to measuring plane of sensor head closest location


M2Beam-Si?– measurement device for silicon range (350 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-UV?– measurement device for silicon range (190 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-IR?– measurement device for silicon range (800 – 1800nm)

M2Beam-U3-VIS-NIR?– measurement device for 350-1600 nm CMOS based

M2Beam-UV-NIR?– Special – consult factory.

SAM3-HP-M?– beam sampler for high power beams


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