SpotOn CCD-高分辨率光束定位仪

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SpotOn CCD-高分辨率光束定位仪







  • SPOTCCD-VIS-USB:?System with USB interface, camera for VIS range 350-1100nm
  • SPOTCCD-UV-USB:?System with USB interface, camera for UV range 190-1100nm
  • SPOTCCD-IR1310-USB:System with USB interface, camera for 350-1310nm
  • SPOTCCD-IR1550-USB: System with USB interface, camera for IR range 1550±50nm




NG10 Filter:?NG10 filter in housing (3/4” – 32 thread), filter width 1.6mm ±0.1mm


Beam size range?50 μm –??5 mm
Spectral Response350 – 1310 nm
Sensor Resolution?1280 x 1024
Optical dynamic rangeUp to 1011?using all filters and software controlled electronic shutter and gain
Sensitivity?~0.5 nW/cm? @ 633 nm ~15,000 nW/cm?@ 1310 nm (15 μW/cm?)
Saturation?~1mW/cm?, no filters
Power measuringWith user’s pre-calibration at a selected point
Dimensions?63 mm x 51 mm deep
Environment Operating Temperature0° – 35° C
Weight?300 gr with cable
FiltersNG-4, NG-9, NG-10
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Sensor type1/1.8″ format
Sensor active area6.78 (w) x 5.4 (h) mm (diagonal 8.7 mm)
Pixel size?5.3 μm (H) x 5.3 μm (V)
Shutter speed9 – 200,000 μsec
Damage threshold50 W/cm? with filters
Maximum frame rate?Over 50 Hz
NullIn CW mode, null function is available to automatically subtract background
Operation with pulsed lasersAbility to capture and replay pictures and statistics from a slowly pulsing laser (1-100 Hz) while filtering out frames with no laser pulse. Gain control and external filters make it easy to obtain optimum intensity
Trigger– Hardware Falling Edge – Hardware Rising Edge – Enable/Disable Trigger Delay – Trigger Delay 0.015ms – 4.0 sec


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