SpotOn Compact-激光光束定位仪

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SpotOn Compact-激光光束定位仪

该装置配有USB2.0接口、探测器和App,可与Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10一起工作。



Detector L – Lateral Effect L04 Q – Four Quadrant
Size 9 x 9 mm 4 x 4 mm 10 x 10 mm
Type Dual axis Si, No glass cover Dual axis Si, No glass cover 4x Si sectors seperated by 30 μm gap, No glass cover
Usable beam size ?50μm to??9 mm ?50μm to??4 mm ??50μm to ?5 mm
Position measurement range ?9 mm ?4 mm One beam radius up to ±2.5 mm
Position resolution Down to 0.1 μm at 50 Hz digital filter plus averaging Down to 0.1 μm at 50 Hz digital filter plus averaging Down to 0.25% of beam size
Position accuracy ±12.5 μm over 9 mm dia. ±6 μm over 4 mm dia. ±1μm or ±0.025% of beam size
Update rate Max. 150 Hz at 500 Hz digital filters
Operational Spectral range 350 – 1100 nm
Power range 10 μW to 10 mW with attenuating ND filters
Power accuracy (*) ±5%


SpotOn Compact – 完整系统,包括传感器头、USB2.0 mini 1.8m电缆、App和CD用户手册、便携箱。选择任意一个磁头,校准文件保存在PSD磁头上并自动加载到App中:

  • L?– Lateral effect PnP 9mmX9mm,?no glass cover
  • Q?– Four quadrant PnP 10mmX10mm with 30um gap, no glass cover
  • L04?– Lateral effect PnP 4mmX4mm, no glass cover



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