SpotOn Mobile-新式位敏探测仪

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SpotOn Mobile-新式位敏探测仪


高精度紧凑型光束定位系统,包括Nexus7 PC平板电脑。特别适用于激光测量的现场服务。不需要歧管箱,传感器头内置电子元件。测量位置和功率,可使用双轴横向效应探测器(低至0.1um分辨率@50Hz数字滤波器,+/-6um绝对精度)。


Laser type CW beam Only
Detector L-Lateral Effect
Size 9mmx9mm
Type Dual-axis Si resin No glass cover
Usable beam size 50um to ?9mm
Position measurement range 9mm
Position resolution Down to 1?m at 50Hz digital filter plus averaging
Position accuracy ±12.5 ?m over 9 mm dia.
Update rate Max 80Hz at 1000Hz digital filter
Operational spectral range 350-1100nm
Power range 1?W to 10 mW with attenuating ND filters
Power accuracy(*) ±5%
Filters NG4/NG9/NG10 – ND filter in housing (3/4” –32 thread)


SPOTMOB-N:?Complete?system including sensor head, a Nexsus7 Tablet PC, Micro USB OTG cable w/Power port, Tablet PC power supply, carrying case.

SPOTMOB-A: System for Android 4.1 and up including a sensor head,Micro USB OTG cable, software on DiskOnKey, carrying case.


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