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M?光束提供分析和图形能力,以测量2轴M?的优点腰尺寸和CW梅高美游戏网站位置。M?系数根据建议的ISO/CD 11 146进行测量。另外,该仪器还测量了沿光束传播轴的交叉点处激光束的轮廓宽度、位置和功率。
M?测量系统与超级波束分析器一起使用? 头和一个独立的单位。


  • Beam Propagation (M?)
  • Beam Waist Location
  • Beam Waist Diameter
  • Divergence
  • Rayleigh Range
  • Waist Asymmetry
  • Astigmatism


Parameter Value
Spectral Range 400nm to 1100nm for Si version
800nm to 1800 nm for InGaAs version
190nm to 1100nm for UV-Enhanced version
Beam Power Range 100 uW~1W(with supplied internal filters for the Si version)
100uW~5mW for InGaAs&UV versions
Number of Knife-edges 7
Beam size 15mm diameter with lens(Si&UV versions)
7mm without lens(Si&UV versions)
3mm dia./5mm dia.without lens(InGaAs ver)
Maximum Divergence 10 mrad(no lens)
Beam Waist to lens Distance 2.0 to 2.5 meters optimum
2.0 meters minimum
Weight 2.5kg(without the Super BeamAnlyzer sensor head)
Dimensions 100×173×415mm
Mounting M6 or 1/4″ screws
Mechanical adjustment Horizontal angle:±1.5° Vertical angle:±1.5°
Cable 2.5m long


Attachment for BeamAnalyzer USB?Measurement System:

M2Beam-Si: – attachment for silicon range (350 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-UV: – attachment for silicon range (190 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-IR: – attachment for silicon range (800 – 1800nm)


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